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Beauty for every woman!
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DON'T MISS OUT our box totally inspired by
USA Celebrities!

RECOMMENDED by top fashion agents and Hollywood stylists

10 beauty products including:

  • Anti-aging eye contour cream
  • Anti-aging day cream
  • Hair care serum
  • Whitening strips 3 pcs
  • Golden and silver shiny body tattoos 20 pcs
  • Perfumes 2 x 10ml

MANUFACTURED by top brands especially for us

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We offer high quality, top ranked products!

Who we are

We are a group of former fashion agents and Hollywood stylists, who had enough from watching how big brands make you pay just for the name the product has on it. We are not only following current trends in clothing jewelry, cosmetics, make up, we are also creating it. We used the formulas from the famous brands to create amazing beauty Boxes for every women, that can help every woman look like a Hollywood star.

We have the knowledge for providing the same quality for so low prices that it almost look like it's free. As customers you do not pay big amount of money for brand names. We use the same formulas to create high quality products on low prices.

So, we provide different boxes for our customers amazing Hollywood look for an impossibly low price.

The basic points are:


"When I heard about this Box for the first time, I was amazed. All the things that a woman needs at one place. I just had to have it and rushed my order. Everytime when I have an important meeting or I'm going to a bar, I use the Box. And when I mentioned work meetings – after I bought the Box I got more confident and got a promotion. Here's what that amazing hair spray made with my hair:"
Lara, 25 years old

"I looked for an anti aging cream because my skin started wrinkling too early, but nothing had the results I hoped for. Until I bought GlossyClub Hollywood Edition Box and tried the anti aging cream. I believe that this formula is high quality and makes skin youthful and gentle. I paid almost no money for this beautiful change for my face!"
Lily, 33 years old

"I find the GlossyClub Hollywood Edition Box for the best possible solution for three reasons – it's easy to take, it's high quality, it's affordable. I think that every woman needs that type of care for her face and for her hair. Here is my photo:"

"Look for yourself, the result is amazing!!! This hair spray is like a miracle. My hair is so beautiful!!! And the anti aging cream is great – it makes my skin even and gentle and most important – it keeps wrinkles away!"
Anna Peterson



Are the products in the Box high quality?
Yes, in the products and perfumes in the Box is used the formula as in the most famous brands, but without the brand names. This way you have inexpensive highest quality products.

Why are our products cheaper than others with the same quality?
We are a group of fashion agents and Hollywood stylists and we not follow the latest trends, we create them. That's why we decided to create the products using the same formulas as the famous brands you hear on TV, but without their sky high prices. And this is all about the Hollywood Limited Edition Box is – latest trends, formulas used by the big brands, highest quality and low prices.

What makes those products different than others?
They are with the best possible quality, because we used the same formulas as the most popular brands, but on an affordable price. You get quality without paying a great amount of money just because of the brand's name.

Will I have to pay for the delivery?
No, the shipping is FREE.

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What you can achieve with Hollywood Edition Box:

  • Reduce wrinkles and smooth eye contour
  • Hydrate skin
  • Strenghten hair and boost volume
  • Whiten your smile
  • Show off with shiny temporary tattoos
  • Enjoy TWO long-lasting perfumes

What experts say:

My name is Katherine and I own a cosmetic studio. My impressions from this product are very positive – it's hard to find such quality in one place with a price like this. It's very important for women to use the appropriate products. Bad cosmetics can cause badly damage to the skin. I've seen – young women with ruined skin. To avoid this problem, use only high quality products. With Hollywood Edition Box you have quality at its best price. I think that this is a must product for all women, who want to look great at every age!

Special discount activated (40 to 70% of the normal price). Expires 14 :  03 :  04  Last 11 packs in stock!